Whether you're looking for regular Virtual Assistant Services or have a project that you need some extra help with, I offer a multitude of services to compliment your business.

I encourage you to visit my Portfolio for examples of my work.

Flat Rate Pricing for all services is $30 CDN per hour. No commitment or prepayment required.

Virtual Assistant Services

Managing your email account, responding to leads and setting up automated responses. 

WordPress Website Administration

Whether you’re in the process of implementing a new website or you’d like to add content to your current website, we can edit, optimize and upload this content for you. 

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn... Who has the time? We do! We can set up all of your upcoming posts, research trending hashtags and get your posts online. 

Email Marketing

Import new subscribers, Design, Edit and Schedule your next campaign!


Buried in receipts and invoices? We can help you catch up! We use Intuit QuickBooks Online so if you're using that or a similar platform, we can get all of those receipts off your desk and out of your inbox so you can stop stressing about it ;)

Document Editing Services

We can edit and format your Word Documents, Spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations to give them a professional, new look. 


How can Virtual Admin Pro help your business?

Administration can either “make” or “break” a company. You’ll notice immediately that as you peruse online reviews about a company you’re considering doing business with, administration is always an underlying theme. If people feel they’ve waited too long to have their questions answered, feel unappreciated or experience just “bad” customer service, they take it to Google. Alternatively, you’ll read reviews about how “Sally” they dealt with through email was really helpful or they chose a company because the person on the phone was “friendly” and conversely, they’ll take that review to Google too! Bottom line, these reviews either adversely affect or benefit your company. If you feel like your constantly apologizing for late responses and your customers are becoming frustrated with you OR your quality of life is taking a dive because you’re trying to do it all, you don’t have to.

Why hire Virtual Admin Pro?

If you want a great administrator, someone who will jump in and take care of your customers when you cannot, that's me! I can bridge the gap between not having time to do everything yourself, but not enough work to hire someone. I enjoy, and am proficient at, a variety of administrative duties that will make business ownership easier for you. Your customers will feel valued, continue to do business with you and will happily share your name with their friends and with any luck, Google ;)

If you have a website that needs some love, content/materials that need refreshing or an inbox that is bursting, let’s fix it together :)

How do I get started?

Contact us today and let us know which services you're interested in and we’ll contact you by phone or email within one business day to discuss your needs and provide an estimate. We have clients that contract us for full Virtual Administration Services, and some that we do occasional work for, so whatever your needs are, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you to find a solution within your budget. 

All of our Virtual Services are done on a contract basis from my office and invoiced accordingly. I also do occasonal work onsite so, if you're seeking some temporary office help at your Edmonton business, I may be able to accomodate. 

Estimates are always free (no obligation!) and we can book a consultation via Skype or if you're located in Edmonton, we can meet in person.

PH: 780-554-6951

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"Sarah's work at the CPLC has been central and integral to its success. She is highly organized, very prompt in her replies to questions, and shows diligent initiative. She is a fast learner of new material and in addition to initiating new avenues that will help the company expand or save costs, she is able to follow through on the ideas and execute them after self training. Sarah is a skilled communicator, able to help guide conversations and meetings with both efficiency and humour. When she came to the CPLC she already had a reputation for helping previous businesses she was involved with, and she left an indelible mark on our company's growth as well. We recommend her with the highest accolades."

-Krister Temme, President of the CPLC

"My photography business started small, as a fun hobby, but soon I became very busy. I loved photographing and editing, but really hated my emails. It was frustrating to be at a destination wedding in Mexico and log in to find inquries sitting there from DAYS ago. Often by the time I emailed back, some perspective clients had already met with and hired a competitor.

I realized that while the Photography was my strong suit, my returning calls and emails left something to be desired. When I hired Sarah, I had trouble letting go at first. Soon, though I had heard so much positive feedback from customers that it becacme a non-issue. Client's loved Sarah's attentiveness and humour and most were disappointed when they couldn't meet her a photoshoot or sales meeting afterwards.

I was worried (at first) that I would be paying too much and that hiring a Virtual Assistant would leave me with a smaller income. In fact, the opposite happened. As I became busier, I increased my prices and was able to hand more work to Sarah.

Hiring Sarah allowed me to give "bigger-business" service to clients, while remaining a small company. At a business training seminar, I heard the words: "do what you do best and outsoursce the rest". This was some of the best advice I have received and hiring Sarah was one of the best decision I have made. As I transition to a differnt field and business, I am happy to have Sarah along with me, doing the groundwork for my new endeavour."

-Susan Hydzik, Picture That Photography