About Me

I’ve doing administration work for most of my adult life and if I told you how many years that amounts to, I’d really be aging myself! My first administrative job was at a carpet cleaning company as an evening telemarketer that paid a whopping $6 per hour! Little did I know at the time, that while Telemarketing would go the way of the floppy disk, I had a knack for administration.  Fast forward a few years and I became the manager of that office.

When my children were 1 and 3, the opportunity to work from home just fell in my lap. A friend of mine needed some help managing her business emails and from there, I started working for a wedding photographer and a photography school.  I kept noticing ways these businesses could gain more customers and grow, and soon expanded my business to take on more responsibilities such as website administration, editing, promotions, bookkeeping, payroll and more.  I expanded my customer base doing work for a large textiles company, a dance school and crazy enough, I still do some work for that “not so small anymore” carpet cleaning company 🙂

My children are now 6 and 8, and this job has been the perfect fit for our family. I absolutely love being a Virtual Assistant; It affords me the opportunity to work from home, while supporting my children through these important years. I really appreciate all my clients that took a chance on me, trusted me with their business and gave me this awesome opportunity to “have it all” as a working, stay at home, mom.

~Sarah Nedeljak