Virtual Assistant Services for Educators

Are you looking for a virtual assistant (VA) to assist you with your course or membership? We love working with educators! In fact, all the services we offer are designed with educators and small business owners in mind. We’ve worked with a wide variety of online and in-person educators: a photography school, an animal trainer, several long-term membership courses, webinars, and more!

Ready to hire a VA?

If this is your first time working with a VA, congratulations! We know this is a huge and likely scary step for you – but we promise, once you take the plunge, you will wonder why you waited so long! Typically, we work with small businesses who are either looking to scale their business and  are unsure if they need or can afford additional staff members, OR they already have a full team, but they need help with specific tasks like website development or marketing. We can help in either situation!

We offer a range of service levels, and you can start small by delegating just a few tasks to us until you feel comfortable giving us more, or we’re also happy to dive right in and manage it all for you right away!


Your Online Presence

Are you struggling to get your courses to rank well in search? This can be very frustrating, and the reality is, SEO is a long game. There is no quick fix or fast way to get Google to fall in love with you. Any strategy that lands you on page one quickly is very unlikely to keep you there for the long haul.

So, how do you get on page one? Create clean, quality content that is easy to read and serves your audience. And we can help with that! We can:

  • Create blog content
  • Help you take your current website to the next level, including setting up online scheduling and a membership platform
  • Create a brand new website that better serves your clients’ needs
  • Revitalize and optimize existing content for search

We have experience building new websites as well as updating and maintaining content on existing websites. Our expertise lies primarily with WordPress and Squarespace, but our skills can transfer to Wix or other site builders as well.

If you’re struggling to rank well on Google, we can revisit and optimize the content currently on your website. We will:

  • Research keywords. We’ll find out exactly what people are searching for when they’re looking for your business or other businesses in your niche, and use that information to help drive traffic to your website.
  • Create and test new landing pages.
  • Edit current content for grammatical correctness and clarity of message
  • Help you create new posts for your blog. I know you’re probably thinking, “How are you going to write about photography when you know nothing about it?” Good question. First of all, it’s our job to know everything we can about your business! Most of our clients have worked with us for 3+ years, and that’s because we spend the time to get to know them and learn what makes their businesses tick.

Are you looking to scale your online course into a full-fledged membership? We can help with that! We can research a variety of membership platforms and discuss with you the best options for your business. Then, we can help you set up the platform of your choice on your website, customize it for your business, and teach you how to use it.  

Content creation (think new blog entries or social media posts) is a collaboration between you and your VA.  Below is a description of how we usually come up with ideas for content we believe will get you noticed by the demographic you are trying to attract.  The process could look something like this:

  • First, we’ll research topics that your audience is looking for from you,
  • Then we’ll research content on that topic.
  • Next, we’ll send you an outline of a post that we’d like to write for you. This is typically where we learn specific details about your course or business offerings.
  • Using our research and the information you give us, we will write the post, send it to you for revisions and approval, then add it to the website for you.


However, we are also happy to work with any ideas that you come up with yourself! If you want to describe your thoughts for a post, we are happy to take a phone call, read an email, or even listen to a voice recording of an idea that you didn’t want to let escape while you were driving in your car! We have even taken instructional videos created by our clients and used them to create new blog content for them on the same subject.  All this to say that we will take your ideas from you in the way that feels most convenient.

Our goal is to help you create awesome content.  How we get there is up to you!

Have you been struggling to build your audience on social media? Do you put out amazing posts but see very little engagement? Are you feeling like social media is just a big waste of time?

We get it. Social media (just like SEO) is a long game, and it takes time and consistency to make the magic happen.

Typically, we meet with our social media clients quarterly to discuss the upcoming quarter and find out where they would like us to focus our efforts (new services, seasonal promotions, increasing engagement, etc.). Then we create a content strategy! From there, our goal is to be at least one month ahead in creating content for social media channels. For example, you can expect to see all your posts for March by the beginning of February. This gives us lots of time to make any changes you desire to the graphics or the copy, get your final approval, and then queue it up for posting at the relevant time.

We can:

  • Create beautiful graphics that showcase your brand
  • Research hashtags to help you gain new followers
  • Edit video content for each platform (Facebook reels, YouTube, etc.)
  • Write amazing copy to drive people to your website


Just like you, we’re a small business with a tight budget, so we’re always looking for ways to repurpose your content to keep the cost of services down and the value high. Whenever possible, we’ll create content with more than one platform in mind. So, if we create a series of posts about “10 Tips to Take Your Photography to the Next Level”, we’ll repurpose and repackage that content in a meaningful way across all relevant social media platforms, and even create a blog post for your website with it!

If you’re looking to set up online scheduling for appointments and classes, we can help! Typically we start by finding out your “must haves” and your “like to haves”, and then we do some research and come back with several options. After you’ve decided which one is best for your budget and business, we can help you with setup, customization, implementation, and training for you and your staff. 

Your Business

Are you looking for professional editing services? We’ve got you covered! We’ve edited a variety of content, including:


  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Educational workbooks
  • Handouts
  • Staff biographies
  • Flipbooks
  • Welcome packages
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • And more!


This is another service that leaves small businesses with the question, “How can you edit my content about animal training when you know nothing about training?!” Great question. The answer is: because we aren’t experts in your field, we make great editors! We take on your client’s perspective when we edit your content, and if we’re having a hard time following it, chances are some of your readers might be too. We can point out areas where we think you need to expand your ideas, define concepts, and more.


As well as editing for content and style, we also offer copy editing and proofreading services. We don’t need to be experts in your field to recognize grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues! We will make sure you don’t use the same word three times in two sentences, or the wrong form of complement/compliment. We will check for all these kinds of errors and also for plain old typos, so you can be confident that the content you’re putting out there for your customers is a true reflection of your talent and dedication to your craft.

We love creating digital and print resources! If you have an idea for a digital flipbook, handout, form, or brochure, we can help. Contact us today and we’ll send you some examples of educational resources and forms that we’ve created for other clients.

Are you drowning in emails from current and prospective students? We can help by:

  • Responding to your emails. We’ll work with you to create canned responses that you’re comfortable with, and use them to respond on your behalf. Of course, customer service is our top priority, so we’ll tailor them for each individual inquiry to ensure that your students feel valued and taken care of.
  • Managing your calendar and coordinating appointments. Maybe you’re tired of the back and forth of trying to schedule potential guest speakers, or perhaps you yourself receive frequent requests to appear on podcasts or in-person at events. We are happy to coordinate these appointments on your behalf and give you this time back to focus on your business or your personal life!

If you’re serving your students with pre-recorded content, we’re happy to edit your videos. We use Adobe Premiere Pro, and can ensure your video is professionally edited. We can also add captions, music, sound effects, and more.

We already provide newsletter support for several clients, and would love to add you to the roster! We can draft your weekly or monthly newsletter, complete with professionally edited content and beautiful images. All you’ll need to do is schedule it!

We love creating these! If you have an idea for a freebie or printable for your current or prospective students, we’d love to help. Contact us today and we can send you some examples of documents we’ve created for other clients.

Ready to Hire an Amazing Team of Virtual Assistants?

Contact us today and we’ll book a call to discuss what your biggest pain points are, and how we can relieve you of them! 

You ask, we answer

We want to make this process as simple and painless as possible for you! 

When you hire Virtual Admin Pro, you’re hiring a team of virtual assistants with a wide range of skills and education that complement each other. This means that for whatever service you require, we have someone who specializes in that kind of work. We also work together as a team and tweak each other’s designs, proofread, and edit content for one another to ensure that we’re delivering the highest level of service.

This depends largely on the size and scope of the work you delegate. Our rates vary depending on the scope and project, typically between $40 to $50 CAD per hour, however we will put together a package for you with a flat monthly fee.

We invoice clients on the 15th or 30th of each month, whichever is more convenient for you. All invoices are due within seven days of receipt unless otherwise arranged.

Contact us today and we’ll book a call to discuss what your biggest pain points are and how we can relieve you of them!

Yes! We have a service agreement that outlines our professional relationship, hours of work agreed upon, cost, and a confidentiality agreement to protect you and your intellectual property. You are free to look a copy of this agreement over and ask questions before you sign it!

Again, we don’t charge a monthly retainer, so there is no minimum time commitment or anything like that. You’re welcome to leave whenever you want – but we are confident in our ability to serve you and your business, and hope to continue our professional relationship for years to come!

No monthly commitments are required! Working with a variety of service-based businesses has taught us that for some industries, traffic is seasonal. During your slower months, you can pause working with us, and when you have busier than normal months, you can even send extra work our way! Just communicate your needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.